Seed Race

The idea of "Seed Race" is to be the first to reach the other side of the board game, by moving from square to square while picking up as many seeds as possible. The two players of the boardgames take the role of a seed that has survived in an extremely dry and hot environment. The characters have spotted a source of water and have to find the fastest way to reach it. On their way, they have to cross the cracks that have formed in the soil, by trading a seed that has to be picked up first. Once the seed is placed in the crack it grows roots and forms a bridge, so that the players can move forward. As the weather conditions are harsh, the players need to monitor their moves and make sure they carry an extra seed. With every 8th move, a seed catches fire. If, at the point of the 8th move the seed doesn't carry an extra seed, it burns and the player loses the game. The goal of "Seed Race" is to be the first to reach the water and bring along as many seeds as possible. Set up: Set up the 3 boards in the preferred manner and order. Each player chooses a seed with the colour blue or red. Each player picks up the extra strip with the flame, that monitors the moves. Along with the strip comes a red token. Distribute the 24 seeds tokens evenly among the two players. The players place the seed tokens alternating on the squares on the board. There must be a minimum of one square and no more than 5 squares in-between the seed tokens. The players roll the dice to decide who goes first. The one with the higher number starts the game. To know how many squares can be crossed, each player must roll a dice. The players move forward, left, right and backward between the squares, not diagonally. As mentioned above, the cracks (marked in dark brown) can only be crossed by putting a seed on it, which transforms into a bridge. The bridge remains for the other player and is marked by turning the seed token, revealing the roots.
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