Multiplayer Horror Game about Being Stuck in a Forest, needing to solve puzzles to Escape.
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MS Windows
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GitHub, Unity (any product)
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*Note: The Repository has a slightly different version of the game with different lights, because a modified Package was used, which cannot be put onto git. If you wish to try the game, Use the given build; If you wish to look at the game in the Editor, use the given Source Folder, otherwise, the lights will be too weak.*

To Install the Game Source Code: Download and Start Unity version 2021.3.15f1; Then, in Unity Hub, Open the Extracted "YnovJam 2023" folder as a Project. It Will install every dependency and then Start the Editor of the Project.

To Play the Built Game: Download the Build, extract the Folder within, and simply open the "YnovJam" executable file.

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Third Person