The Roottrees are Dead

The Roottree sisters, famous models and heirs to the Roottree Maples empire have died tragically young. So young, that their claim to the fortune will likely be contested. As an expert on family trees, and as an early adopter of this newfangled invention called the "internet"?, its up to you to root through the roots of a family with a great deal of history. .=============================================================== The Roottrees are Dead started as a Global Game Jam game. The download below was the first ever prototype of the game's concept, so if you're curious how things began, feel free to check it out! However, it is NOT a fully functional game, has very little content, and is therefore not possible to complete. If you're here to play the actual game, please check it out here:
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MS Windows
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Unity (any product)

Design and Programming by Jeremy Johnston
Art by Midjourney (Prompted and Guided by Ryan Roos)

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