Roots of Chaos

This Game will be about a mole priest that is looking for followers in an underground setting, where the player gathers these creatures towards the tree of life. This will then activate a test for these followers and the ones who show promise will bare witness to the phenomenon of the tree rooting out the heretics. Controls: Movement - W,A,S,D Attack and Dig - Left Mouse button / J / Space Back to the main menu - Escape
Jam year: 
Creature Feature
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Additional software that we also used: Adobe Photoshop, Voxelator,
Installation Instructions: 

Extract the files form the .Zip file that has downloaded. Click the .Exe to play the game.

There is a page for the game linked below, next to the title "Download Link." 


The Team:

Nicky - Programmer/The lucky clover looking flower

Kyle - Environment Artist

Jordan - Character Artist/Animator

Morgan - UI/Logo Designer

Brad - Team Lead/Environment Artist

Josh - Environment Artist

Game Stills: 
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