Rooting for who?!

A group of excited cheerleaders are rooting for Y̷̧̞̻͔͈͉̰̜̯̼̝͚͓̓͊̅̋̈́͒͂͘o̸̧̟͒́̏͐̀u̸͉̠̹͙̾ But why can they travel through realms, and who are they really rooting for? Not all realms are shown in the pictures, you'll have to play to discover their true belief. Genre: Typing game There are 3 difficulty levels: -Normal: All lowercase text, no puncuation -Hard: Both lower and upper case, no puncuation -Very Hard: Both lower and upper case, puncuation
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MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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Please download unzip and open the .exe



Tomer Steinbock, Sleep deprived - Project Manager and programmer.

Avishai Menashe, The injured - Technical artist and programmer

Julia Ballo, Pixelated one - Character and enviornment artist.

Coral Schiller, Consumer of caffeine, Enviornment and character artist

Naor Liron, Seeker of polish - Programmer, technical artist and sound design.

Or Borenstein, The tall - Programmer

Sumsum, Eater of worlds - Dog

Taco, The legless - Kitty

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