Three Roots

This is a twin-stick shooter match 3 arcade game! Shoot enemies to root them to the spot, a group of 3 or more rooted enemies of the same colour will dissapear adding to your score. The more enemies in the group the higher your score! And if any of them happen to be on a tile of the same colour as the enemy group you'll get an even bigger score! Try to get the highest score you possibly can! Controller Controls: Fire: Right Bumper (R1) Aim: Right analogue stick Move: Left analogue stick Pause: Start or Select Slow Move: Left Bumper (L1) Keyboard Controls: Fire: Space Aim: Arrow Keys Move: WASD Pause: Escape or P Slow Move: Left Shift
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MS Windows, Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
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GitHub, Unity (any product)
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