Once upon a time, in a beautiful and fertile land, there lived a hardworking farmer who tended to his crops with care. One of his most cherished crops was a bed of delicious root vegetables, which he worked tirelessly to protect and cultivate. However, one day he noticed that a group of greedy and cute animals had started to encroach on his fields, attracted by the tasty and nutritious produce. Despite the farmer's efforts to chase them away, the animals continued to sneak into the fields, determined to get their paws on the delicious root vegetables. The farmer realized that he needed a more effective way to protect his crops and decided to build a tower defense system around his fields, filled with traps and obstacles to keep the animals at bay. With the tower defense system in place, the farmer could finally enjoy some peace and quiet, knowing that his crops were safe. However, the animals were not so easily deterred. They banded together, forming a cunning and resourceful horde, and began to devise a series of elaborate plans to get past the farmer's defenses and steal the root vegetables. And so, the stage was set for an epic battle between the farmer and the greedy, cute animals, as they competed for control of the delicious root vegetables. The farmer's goal was to defend his fields and protect his crops, while the animals were determined to get their paws on the tasty produce, no matter what it took.
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The world is a better place with more creators in it (Sponsored by Unity)
MS Windows
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Unity (any product)

Ohad Ben Hamo - 3d, art, unity, you name it

Guy Kroizman - lots of stuff, aspect, level design and sound

Hanokh Aloni - Spawner, gameover, git stuff

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Third Person