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Use the mouse to navigate. It’s 21XX. The outside world is largely uninhabitable. Most in-person interaction has been replaced by an interconnected VR network that interacts with neural implants through a headset, all designed and sold by Mianaai Corp. Plants, seasons, William Gibson novels, all now half-remembered remnants of the old world. This was supposed to be fun… You are a specialist. Until yesterday, you designed realistic tree assets for Mianaai Corp. to place in their prohibitively expensive virtual parks. Your trees don’t just look like trees, they feel like trees. But nowadays, the average person has no memory of what a tree felt like. The entropy of cultural memory is making you obsolete. From now on, you are freelance. You have to get creative. You wake up to the permanent half-light of a half-ended world. You are running out of meds. Your bed is broken, but your headset works just fine. You put it on and enter your modest virtual apartment. Time to make some money, by any means necessary.
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Over 9,000 Hours
A Friend In Need
New Friends Along the Way
MS Windows, Mac OS X
Tools and Technologies: 
GitHub, Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
MS Paint; Logic pro X; Pixlar.

Tautvydas Kuliešius - Sound Designer

Nick Stacey - Coder

Naomi Sheridan - Game & UX Designer

Joey Ashworth - Writer

Levi Ashworth - Artist

Leila Harris - Composer

And a special thanks to Guildford.Games and Liquid Crimson!

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Point & Click