Root Rumble

The Grootlings live in their own world: They have only one duty - seed trees and grow them within a day so the worldspanning rootanchor expands frequently after replanting the trees at the evening. However, their small floating island only provides place for one single house for resting at night - and only the one thats tree has been grown out fastest at the day will be able to relax at night. So be fast and grow your tree to have a bed tonight! Play fair or push unlucky Grootlings out of your way ;o)
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MS Windows, Web browser with special plugins or packaged apps
Tools and Technologies: 
Photon, Unity (any product)
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Download the zip, unpack and start the .exe. Alternatively browse to ... and play the game within your browser.


Creation-Team: Marco Piechotta (Game Idea, Development-Lead), Tom-Niklas Haeschke (Multiplayer-Development), Severin Opel (Development, Graphics + 3D-Modelling), Kevin Körner (Development, Project Management), Simon Daiber (3D-Art), Nick Chapuis (2D-Art), Andreas Schauer (Composing, Sounddesign)

Credits for the following assets:

Basic Motions FREE by Kevin Iglesias (, downloaded from UnityAssetStore:



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