Root of Power TTRPG

Welcome to Nusantara, where adventure awaits you in the Black Forest and beyond. In this campaign, you will play as a solo or a group of legendary heroes, each with unique skills and abilities, on a quest to retrieve the rare and powerful Tongkat Ali. The Root of Power is said to hold immense strength and the power to grant immortality, and many forces both good and evil seek to possess it. Your journey will take you deep into the Black Forest, where mythical creatures guard the Tongkat Ali tree and danger lurks at every turn. You will face challenges and obstacles along the way, from battling fierce monsters to solving complex puzzles, and only through working together and utilizing your individual strengths will you be able to triumph. Your ultimate goal is to retrieve the Tongkat Ali and bring it back to the world, where it can be used for good or fall into the wrong hands. Are you ready to embark on this epic adventure? Gather your weapons, sharpen your spells, and prepare to delve into the mysterious and dangerous Black Forest. This book is an attempt to create a GM-less TTRPG that focuses on micro dungeon exploration and macro linear story progression while providing the full RPG character building. In Root of Power, you start with: 1. Build your own character. 2. Create your random dungeon. 3. Prepare for the dungeon. 4. Explore the dungeon. 5. Return with loot. 6. Prepare for the next dungeon. You will need: 1. A standard deck of playing cards, the cards that will represent a room. 2. A bunch of D6, 1 for each Hit Die, or just 1 (thrown multiple times). 3. A D20 for Action and Combat. 4. A D4 and D10 for Equipment Roll 5. A Marker (Figure, Miniature or Pawn) to represent PC. 6. Pen and Paper for jotting down notes. You can play this game solo or with friends.
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Download the PDF and learns how to play.


By Nik Mirza

This work is based on the DURF ( ), by Emiel Boven, and licensed for use under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license ( )

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