Ro[b]ots: Dynasties of Steel

Can you forge a dynasty of the toughest, smartest and prettiest steel Robotkind has to offer, and rub it in the face of your rival? In a future where humans are ancient history, robots are role playing their favorite era of human history: The medieval ages. But when your archnemesis doubts your roleplaying skills, you challenge them to the ultimate Medieval sport: Martial family-management arts. Features: Forge a family-tree of powerful clones who inherits your traits! Meet procedurally-generated cuties on Grinder, the hottest robo-dating platform to diversify your pool of parts and traits to pass on to future clones. Scavenge the scrap-yard to get better parts for your most promising prospects. Scheme against members of your rival dynasty and spread misinformation to The King with the axe-ecutive power to trim the branches of their family tree. Choose your most powerful heir to duel in a game of physical prowess and wits against your rival Dynasty. (The GGJ submission is quite buggy and missing some features, for the full experience, please play on
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Once Upon A 404...
Is This The End?
MS Windows
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Autodesk Maya, Unreal Engine
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Procedural generation of robots Procedural narrative through trait-based conversations
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