Reroot is a singleplayer platformer/metroidvania styled game about a lil' tree called Samuel. Samuel lived in a magical forest, which fell prey to greedy humans who exploited it for magical wood. Little did the humans know, the magical trees would fight back. As a result of this war, poor Samuel's entire magical forest is going up in flames. Play as Samuel as you explore the burning magical forest. Don't stay unrooted for too long, however, as you need the nutrients that your roots provide, so be wary of the timer! Along the way you'll encounter the roots left behind by fallen magical tree elders, to which you can connect yourself. In doing so, you recharge yourself, and learn about special abilities, unlocking new types of movement which allows you to reach new areas to explore! Disclaimer: the game isn't quite finished, cheers anyway for checking out our game, we had a blast!
Jam year: 
An Image Is Worth 1,000 Words
New Friends Along the Way
Creature Feature
Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Also used ProCreate, AseSprite, MSPaint
Installation Instructions: 

Please use the link in the resources section which will lead you to an page. The game is built for WebGL so it should be playable from there. Controls are displayed as you progress, but we'll provide a short list of controls here:

A/D to move left/right

E to interact

Spacebar to progress through interactions

W or Spacebar to jump

Hold E on a high-jump-point to do a high-jump

Hold Q to perform a ropeswing

Alt+F4 to close the game


Game Development done by:

- Robin Pino

- Rik Schutten

- Jip Rozemeijer

- Floren van Barlingen

- Emiel Muter

We would also like to thank the TU/e gameDev community for organizing the gamejam event on Campus and the 3 consecutive days of pizza.

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Third Person