It is a cooperative multiplayer card game for exactly three people, where each player is presented with one of these scenarios and given the power to choose a card that can affect all scenarios positively or negatively, including their own environment. The game is divided into turns. divided into steps: 1) The first player plays a card and the impact of that card is shown to the other players, that is, the impact it had on the environments will be shown. 2) repeat the previous step for the second and third player. 3) The status of each scenario is shown to all players through an image of a root. 4) go back to the first stage if the balance criterion is not reached, otherwise, show the end of the game to the players according to the score reached by them. Each card represents an action and has a score, which is a random value within a range for each card, representing the influence in each scenario, but the influence value is only visible to players after the first time it is played . The game is over when reaching balance for each environment (negatively or positively) afterwards and revealing to the players the good or bad ending, depending on the score achieved.
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Is This The End?
Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
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vsCode, Docker, Node.js e p5.js
Installation Instructions: 

Instalação e execução

Para executar o projeto, você precisa ter o Node.js ou o Docker instalado.

Clone o repositório:

git clone https://github.com/Vitinho369/Radix.git

Entre na pasta do projeto:

cd Radix

Inicie o container Docker (se for o caso):

docker-compose up

Acesse o jogo no navegador do seu celular na seguinte URL:


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