Rabbit vs. Carrots

Game backstory: Due to human reckless exploitation of the land and the destruction of the natural environment, the shallow soil in the wild is no longer suitable for the growth of carrot roots. The carrot has therefore been forced to evolve into two root segments (ROOTS). The first segment of the root is long and slender, this segment is used to go deep underground to take in nutrients, this segment of the root is not edible for rabbits. The second segment of the root (a reference to the roots of the real world radish) is thick and rich in nutrients, and rabbits feed on this segment of the root. As a result, rabbits get together and find ways to get underground to get food. Control: The left and right mouse buttons control the rabbit's down and up movement. The left and right arrow keys control the mole's left and right movement. Game objective: protect the rabbit's rope and attack the carrot monster's roots
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
GitHub, Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
All material used in the game is original. Tools: Procreate, Adobe Audition
Installation Instructions: 

Download the RvC.7z file, unzip it, open the exe. file and play the game.


Game Arts : RegularDee

Game Program : Aer_Vento. , Ken (ClouDoggiE)

Game Design : Tianyi (hyugdta), Ken (ClouDoggiE)

Game Audio : Ken (ClouDoggiE)

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