Follow the beats, and gather the seeds! Our robot,R00T.5, used to be a standard type mining robot in this steampunk city. But after being abandoned for years, something went wrong. R00T.5 started digging for seeds instead of mines. What can it find underground in the world of steel and machines? Gameplay: Press WASD to move. Attention, R00T.5 can only move when you match up with rhythm! The goal is to collect all 3 seeds. If you find and machine that is active, just go back and reset it before it shut down. Glhf :-) Initial idea and developing plan: Except for all the functions we have achieved, we have cut out several because of limited time. Detector: There used to be a detector on robot to roughly show the distance between character and objects underground. Shorter the distance, stronger the signal. Random generation: Blocks, barriers, machines and seeds were designed to generate randomly in a range around the map. But in case of making the game more playable without detector, we had to do it ourselves.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine

Wang Yuhan  (Game Scene Artist、Team Leader)      [email protected]

Ding Huiyan  (Game Artist、UI Designer、Music Producer)      [email protected]

Fu Ziang     (Character Artist、Animator、Gameplay Designer)       [email protected]

Tao Mingxuan (Programmer、Gameplay Designer)     [email protected]

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