Proseed - Global Game Jam 2023 Theme: Roots "Proseed" is a 2D puzzle game where you control a seed as it proceeds through a dirt to its final destination at the surface to grow. Game Page: Hello, the three of us are a group of close friends who all have a passion for video games with a hope of getting into game development; together we decided to partake in our first Global Game Jam and create our first ever game in just 3 days. We implimented the theme of roots into our game through the use of a seeding, using its roots to push itself against walls to collect water to travel furthur and reach the exit, allowing it to grow into a cute plant girl. While this has been a challange with none of us having ever made a video game, we utalised the skills we had prior to the project; Joseph having made simple games in Python and Java, Ella being a freelance artist, and Alex having made music in his spare time. Although this was our first attempt at making a game, combining our individual skills has allowed us to create a project that we are proud to have as a first of many games to come. Warning: Can only be played with /untitled as the working directory. Controls: Arrow Keys: Moves the seedling R: Resets the level esc: Closes the game
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No Shortcuts
An Image Is Worth 1,000 Words
New Friends Along the Way
MS Windows
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Intellij IDEA Clip Studio Paint Pro Paint Soundcloud Freesound Gitlab Trello
Installation Instructions: 

Open /untitled as the working directory in a java IDE


Lead Programmer - Joseph Darby

Lead Artist - Ella Petheram

Sound Designer - Alexander Tyler

Soundtrack supplied by Flat Cap Tiger and can be found here:

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