pROOTein Inc.

Compete in this 2v2 game to see who can make the most tasty, delightful, refreshing, arousing, tantalizing, root beer. How to play: It takes love, patience and teamwork to make the best root beer. This is a 4 player gamepad controlled party game. Each worker co-operates with a farmer to make the most root beer in under 3 minutes while competing with the opposing team. To brew root beer you need carbonated water and a fully grown Sassafras root. Water the root pots and harvest them when they're just ripe; take too long and you'll have to throw it away. Use the carbonator on fresh water from the well but don't let it over-carbonate . You're ready! Combine the ripe root with the carbonated water to create your much desired root beer. Place it on the conveyor belt on the top left to score for your team. Careful not to slip on any puddles of liquid, they will send your beer flying and your hopes and dreams crashing! If you're looking for payback, grab of pack of prootein when you get the chance and make your opponents regret getting in your way...
Jam year: 
Bring Your Players to Life (Sponsored by Avaturn)
Couch Potato
MS Windows, Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Tools and Technologies: 
GameMaker (any product), Godot Engine

Tzamtzis Achilles - Programming

Spyridon Glarakis - Art, Audio

Maria Karipopoulou - UI and Concept

Dionisis Rigopoulos - Inspirator, name maker, noodle eatter.

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