Project Destroy

Louis Fuerbach is a worker for the Rueppell Society, a collaboration between most of the nations in the world in order to research more…esoteric fields of science. He’s a recent hire with a lot of technical knowledge, but his real interest in the project is to satisfy a deep personal conflict; he’s a long-time agnostic who seeks to definitively (dis)prove the existence of the divine. After falling asleep during the orientation and getting sent to the infirmary, he awakes to something very unexpected… The gods are real…and they want humanity dead. And now, Louis is the only one that can save his race from extinction. Gameplay:
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A Friend In Need
New Friends Along the Way
MS Windows
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Technology Notes: 
Does Google Drive count, since we had notes on it?

Finnian Sheerin: Story, Concept
John Gill: Art
Leke Owolabi: Coding

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Visual Novel