In a small lush forest, something is brewing underground... In PilgriMush you play as a colony of mushrooms, with a singular goal: to reach the Promised Mushroom Land. However, the grand expanse of grassy fields on the way will prove to be a great hurdle. The only way to overcome it is to do the only thing that mushrooms know best! Spread your spores, transmit your nutrients, and unleash your expansive mycelium network in order to take over the fields! By making use of the symbiotic relationship between mushrooms and trees, you can help the forest expand, and catch a ride along with it. Only the nutrient-carrying mycelium can help provide the resources required to the trees surviving in the drought...
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The Number 23
Creature Feature
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
GitHub, Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Art made on Procreate and Paint Tool SAI. BeepBox used for music.
Installation Instructions: 

After downloading the compressed file of the game, extract it anywhere and open the folder. Double click executable mushroomgamething to play!

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