A Peach's Pilgrimage

Guide a peach away from it's tree to search for better soils. Roll your way through a relaxing and colorful world as you search for the perfect place to spread your... roots. But be careful, the journey isn't a cakewalk, and what's more vulnerable than a peach? | Features: | | A whole 2 stages | | Minimal UI and Dialogue | | Glorious 2.5D Graphics | | 2 Original Songs developed during the Jam | | A Lumpy peach :P |
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Hidden Heritage (Sponsored by UK Games Fund/Tranzfuser)
Creature Feature
MS Windows, Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Tools and Technologies: 
GitHub, Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Know flickering in the first level, we have no ideas on how to fix it If the movement feels off, it's probably the wind ( seriously, we programmed wind, but don't blame it for all your mistakes ;P )
Installation Instructions: 

The web version will probably lag, so if you want to play it the good way download it for windows

| Controls: |
| Move: A and D, or Left and Right Arrows |
| Jump: W or Up Arrow |
| Quit: Esc or P [THERE IS NO PAUSE MENU] |


Daniel Haller - Programming, Music (made one 3d model)

Mary Benetti - 2D and 3D design, Level Design

Henry Stirk - Level design, picked up burgers,

Richmond Vang - 3D design

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Side Scroller