Otter Paradise

Otter Paradise is a cooperative multiplayer game. Player are two otters who are living in the paradise tree where is on the middle of forest. One player needs to take the watering can to help the tree's roots stretch to reach the lake. But there are a lot of Rabbit around the forest want to stop players to get the water from the lake. So, another player needs to pick the fish up as a weapon to kick the Rabbit away. ((Note: <1P / 2P: Keyboard> [Movement: WASD / Arrow Keys] [Pick Up / Drop Tool - V /,] [Use Tool - B / .] <1~4P: Gamepad> [Movement - Left Stick] [Pick Up / Drop Tool - A button] [Use Tool - B button] <start game> [mouse left button] <input setting> [button on top right: mouse left button] <restart> [button on top right: mouse left button] ))
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Year of the Rabbit
Couch Potato
MS Windows
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