Onion Roots

little Onion tries to find sunshine to grow, but it is trapped underground! As its roots grow it can reach higher but is in danger of getting rooted in. It can burn off the roots with lava but that's dangerous! Water extinguishes the fire but then roots grow again.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine
Technology Notes: 
We used online Pickle to create sprites.
Installation Instructions: 

To play the game simply run executable in Windows folder.

Move sideways with A & D, Left & Right arrows, gamepad felft thumb stick.

Jump with W, Up arrow, Space and A button on gamepad.

Press Esc to exit. 


Tymoteusz Sulek - Blueprints & some sprite effects.

Joey Lau - Charater sprites, Animation,Concept art

Sasawat Sa-ardoat - Level design, Background, Pixel art, Sprite Sheet.


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