A game about growing roots to gather nutrients. How to play: Use WASD or arrow keys to pan the camera. Left click on any existing root and drag to grow a root in that direction. You cannot erase roots once they have been placed. The game starts with a small root at the top-center of your screen, to grow from. Growing costs resources. The green bar in the top-left corner shows how many resources you have left. Connecting your root network to one of the blue spots to begin collecting resources from it. Once connected, it will turn green and provide you with a constant income of resources. The longer your roots become, the more resources you will need just to stay alive. The grey areas are hard soil. You can still grow roots through them, but it takes much more resources. Consider going around them. Tips: In the long-term, it may be better to tunnel through hard soil patches instead of going around. They cost a lot of resources to build initially, but shorter roots have smaller upkeep. It's cheaper to spread horizontally instead of downwards. Distance resource patches are shown with small translucent arrows. Avoid having a single root growing too long. Split roots early and try to spread in each direction equally.
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MS Windows
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GitHub, Godot Engine
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Audacity Asperite Chiptone

Created by Connor Morris and Christopher Schneller

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