Mycela and the Hidden Page

Our protagonist Mycela is a magical mushroom fairy, the only one of her kind, who was created when a clumsy pixie-fairy dropped her sack of magical pixie dust on a magic mushroom during the full moon. She is a shy creature living deep in the forest, hanging out with the mushrooms growing on the trees roots but never leaving her close vicinity. Her only friend from the outside is Anuris the frogmancer, who just happens to be the lizard wizard’s apprentice. One day she saw him hopping through the forest looking distressed. When she asked him what is going on he told her about the monster Scylla who imprisoned the lizard wizard and asked for her help. He told her how Scylla attacked the wizard and tried to take his spell book, but he managed to tear it into pieces and scatter in throughout the land before he was captured. Now she holds him hostage and she used the magic from the only piece of the spell book that she managed to take, to enchant some of the magical creatures of the realm and make them her servants, who she ordered to go throughout the realm and find the missing pages of the spell book. Mycela was hesitant at first because she never left her patch of land, the mushroom ring, but she could not leave her friend alone. That is how our heroine went on a quest. In the first level of her adventure she needs to find her way out of the mushroom fields in the forest. The gnomes who are enchanted by the monster Scylla try to bar her way when she tries entering the underground. Throughout her adventure she is facing many obstacles such as gnomes, moles and bats that she needs to paralyze with her spores, and thorns and acid rain that she needs to avoid. In the underground she also needs to find an axe to cut the roots of a tree which are blocking her way. Deep in the underground she finds Sheob the great worm, who is also turned into Scylla's servant, how he is guarding the first page of the spell book. After getting away safely from him, Mycela puts him to sleep with her magical mushroom spores and she finds the puzzle that she needs to solve to break the magic of the enchanted roots that are encasing the first page. The game is a 2D platformer and puzzle adventure game. CONTROLS: Movement - WASD, Enemy freeze - F, Jump - Space, Dash - Shift
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Creature Feature
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Art created in Adobe Photoshop

Project manager: Hristina Mazneska

Game designer, Writer, Narrative designer: Dejan Kadiev

Character art:  Petar Sulevski

Background art: Hristina Mazneska

Programmers:  Borjan Peovski, Drin Kadriu, Stefan Angelovski

Sound design: Filip Stojanovski


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Side Scroller