Farmer vs. Mole: The Final Hoedown

Farmer vs. Moler: The Final Hoedown" is a fast-paced and exciting two-player game where one player takes on the role of an evil mole trying to wreak havoc in a beautiful garden, and the other player is a determined farmer trying to protect it. As the mole, your goal is to cause as much destruction as possible by destroying the farmer's prized crops. Every time you come up from the ground, you'll have the opportunity to make a move and destroyer whats growning in reach. But be warned, the farmer is always on the lookout and is quick with his trusty hoe! The gardener, on the other hand will have to be fast and strategic, moving around the garden and using his hoe to stun the mole.
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Couch Potato
MS Windows
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Unreal Engine
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