Micro Mission

Welcome to the future of medicine where technology and innovation have combined to create a new frontier in the fight against cancer. Introducing MicroShip, the game where the player pilot micro ship deep into the human body to battle cancer cells and save lives, In MicroShip, players will experience an immersive and challenging gameplay experience as they pilot a futuristic micro-ship deep into the human body to battle cancer cells and save lives. With a limited amount of time, players must use their ship's laser weapons to defeat cancer cells and ultimately face off against the cancer cell boss to cure the body. The difficulty of the game increases as players progress through levels, with more formidable cancer cells to defeat. We make all the assets from zero to finish, in a unique pixel art style that keeps all the assets simple and funny in the game.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Godot Engine

created by Manhal Maath -- lead developer Ali Ghalib -- level desginer Muslim Younis -- artist Special thanks to Baghdad Game Lab AhmedPianoMan

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