Lost Between Countries

A child woke up alone in France and can't remember what country he is from. He needs to get back home, and his home is either Austria, Switzerland, or Germany, he can't remember. Clues are given along the way about the country the child is from, and no outside help is allowed! You must answer the questions right to lead the kid to his home, or else he will be lost forever!
Jam year: 
Is This The End?
Non-digital game (board game, card game, physical game, sport, etc.)
Installation Instructions: 

Download the files to be printed out. Play the theme song in the background for a more immersive experience!

Please download the "Instructions, Board, Gamecards and Theme Song" file instead of the other one. It won't let me remove the old file! 



Abass Barrie:

Aquila Lambert: Story idea, concept games/ideas, spinner construction, file upload 

Matt Abell: Concept story idea, theme song

Kayla Perry:  creative ideas, research, and card construction

Brooke Robbins: creative ideas, research, card construction, spinner design, wrote directions, game board design and creation

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