Lost Bad Cybermemories

Lost Bad Cybermemories is a game about a cyborg who wants to delete his bad memories about wars and suffers that he passed them. For this purpose, he will find eletronic components in the laboratory. They are useful to capture the bad memories in his mind. There are a limited quantity of this items but the necessary for his objective. In this lab, there are traps protect them because the cyborg owner don't want his machine clean. He wants him to ready to other wars. The cyborg want to come back his good roots as a cyborg made in factory for the first time but saving his good memories in his mechanical heart.
Jam year: 
Is This The End?
MS Windows
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Installation Instructions: 

1. Unzip the zip file.

2. Open the folder "Lost Bad Cybermemories Game"

3. Open the folder "win32"

4. Execute the archive called "GameGGJ2023EXE"


Online Team

Producer, Game Designer and Game Programmer: Fabiano Naspolini de Oliveira

Graphic Design: Youtuber FoozleCC - I bought license for 1 Project in Construct 3 Asset Store.

Sound: Musics - pdkmusic.com and FX - alandalcastagne.com - I bought assets in Construct 3 Asset Store.

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Side Scroller