Locked Away

Once upon a time, in a grand kingdom, there lived a princess with hair as long as a river and as beautiful as a bed of roses. But the evil queen grew jealous of the princess. She ordered her guards to cut the princess's hair and lock her away. The princess must find a way to regrow her hair and escape the castle! This is a metroidvania 2D platformer. You collect powerups to grow your hair, the longer it is, the further and faster you grapple. A and D to move SPACE to jump H to use your hair as a grappling hook (you cannot use the grapple until you collect at least one hair pickup, your hair isn't long enough yet!) W and D to change selection in the menu ENTER to select something in the menu
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Godot Engine

Code: Matthew Madden
Art: Lorant Madden
Sound: Suzanna Jelsema

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Side Scroller