The Last Tree

Plant saplings to defend old oak from the gnomes! Build out your defense with a network of branching saplings that defend, but be careful. If a sapling dies, all of the connected ones do too! ----- To grow your first saplings, drag from the old oak in the center to a green spot on the field Saplings must be planted on grass and can't be too close or far from their parents ---- Controls: [Left click & drag: create a new sapling branch off an existing one. Must plant on grass, not too close to any other saplings, and not too far from the parent] [Scroll wheel: Rotate camera] [Right click: Remove sapling] Destroying a tree returns half of its money value. [Thorn Shooter: targets one enemy at a time, dealing moderate damage] [Maple Gooper: slows nearby enemies] [Pine Bomber: deals damage to nearby enemies in its radius]
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Programming: William Zollman and Julian Triveri

Art: Blake Edwards

Audio and SFX: Noah Henson

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