The Last Hairbender

In the nose of the very average John Smith, a peaceful population of self-conscious nose hairs live peacefully. The peace lasts until John Smith buys a brand new nose hair trimmer and unknowingly exterminates the inhabitants of his nose. Not everyone, though. Spared by chance, the last of the nose hairs has watched his kin being wiped out. He vows to avenge his kin by making John Smith sneeze uncontrollably and painfully, forever. This is a game about a survivor who has remained hooked to his roots. This is a game about vengeance. This a game about the last hairbender.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

1) Download the .zip file

2) Unpack the .zip file

3) Open the game folder

4) Double click on the .exe

5) Play the game


A game made by Gerry Scotti (the team, not the famous TV host)


Game Artists

  • Giada Bertano
  • Benedetta Folino


Game Designers

  • Luca Folino
  • Stefano Schiavolini


Sound Designer

  • Cristian Gurra


Game Programmers

  • Andrea Folino
  • Luca Sandrone


Thanks to all our friends and peers at the Turin Game Jam for providing feedback and company.

Thanks to the Toolbox Coworking for providing us with a place to work (and eat and sleep).

Thanks to the IGDA Turin for organizing the event with passion and dedication.

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