Lapland 2053 defense

Technology and teleoperator companies are taking over the world and planting their technological roots everywhere. Lapland is the last bastion of common sense, and has to defend theirselves until the sense of common has been restored.
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The Number 23
MS Windows
Technology Notes: 
Python 3.9, pygame
Installation Instructions: 

Clone project Github-repository, download the from the Git-repository or download the zip-file from this project page.

Unzip in repo root. In folder, start start.exe


Mikko P - Game Design / Programming
sokuni - Game Design / Music / Voice acting
Siiri P - Game Design / Art

AI / Stable diffusion 2.1 - Intro art


Special thanks:

Pettis - Additional programming / retro sound FX


The game music uses the sample:
Sandyrb Tubular Bells 02 -> TUBULAR 007.wav @
The original sample has been transposed to E and slightly cut from the end.

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