Lake Lyricson

Lake Lyricson is a narrative fishing game, telling the story of a father and son throughout the years. Across 4 episodes, you experience vignettes of their relationship -- sometimes they struggle to connect, sometimes they guide each other through hardships. The mechanics of the fishing mini-game and the dialogue system are inspired by Stardew Valley. Use the F key for fishing and the D key for dialoguing. The simultaneous nature of the interactive systems and the dialogue reading is meant to simulate the son's struggle to pay attention. Depending on how well the son fishes (thereby making the father more proud) and how the son responds to his father's questions, you can unlock 1 of 3 endings. The theme of the game jam this year is Roots. Being a new father myself, I interpreted the theme in a very personal way. I wanted to make a game about family roots -- how we grow up and grow apart from our families, but always remembering our roots. As a bonus, we also used the word literally as part of the dialogue in each episode.
Jam year: 
Caption Contest
Is This The End?
MS Windows, Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Tools and Technologies: 
GitHub, Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 


  1. Download the file and unzip it
  2. Run Lake Lyricson.exe
  3. Click on one of the 4 photos of the lake to start playing
  4. When all 4 episodes are completed, click the "Close the Book" button on the bottom-right to view the ending
  5. At any time, click the Exit button on the Main Menu to exit the game

All programming, art, music, and writing are original works from the following individuals.

David Or (LinkedIn, Website) - Game Design & Project Management

Francisco Muñoz - Programming

Anastasia Golubeva (LinkedIn, Portfolio) - Art

David Sound Wizard (Portfolio) - Music & Sounds

Michael Scrivner (LinkedIn) - Writing

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