King Arthur: Origins

Embark on a breathtaking journey through times and space to find out the roots of evil that are destroying our world. Change the future, meet historical personalities and deep characters with their own moods and intentions, and find out who is a friend and who is the enemy, what are real motivations and how is everything connected in one story that unfolds with each dialog. Gather a puzzle through being a king, coder, soldier, cybergirl, or medieval knight. Observe how your choices create effects through time. What choices will you make? Will you be strong enough, will you see who is lying, will you be able to break through all obstacles to get to the roots of the evil and destroy it?
Jam year: 
Give your NPCs a brain, or even a heart (Sponsored by Inworld)
MS Windows, Mac OS X
Installation Instructions: 

I understand that limit of build is 2g but I choosed to go over that limit for beauty of scenes and characters

Hope it is fine, please, download mvp of the game from google drive, uploading it there -


Special thanks to GGJ2023 organizers here in Odessa.

I will provide a full list of purchased assets here.


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