Jump Over the family Zombies

Jump Over the family Zombies is a 2.5D platformer about surviving zombie's and getting to the end in one piece the original goal was to have a cinematic at the start showing the main character feeding the family and turning them into zombies being so disappointed from the food, A number of bosses for the members of the family, and defeating them will return them to humanity. (I understand why I didn't have time to do everything I wanted) How to Play You can fight the zombies, but its easier to just avoid them, they are family after all. To get to the end you'll have to get jump Level 3, increasing the jump height, making the game both easier and harder ​Note - there are names over the heads of the zombies (Screenshots), will update if i find a fix. Collect orange container to upgrade Jump, and Green to heal hitting zombies, or spikes will hurt, but a spike pit will instanta kill Controls Move : WASD or Joystick Jump : Space or Cross to Jump Attack : Left & Right arrows or Square & Circle Restart : Start or Enter For a more cinematic experience Follow mode : F
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