It's Tough To Feed A God

It's a co-op board game where a bunch of Mesoamericans are having trouble keeping their Frog-god, Hueyac Cuiyatl, happy so they have to start making tributes/sacrifices to make up for it and avoid the divine punishment when they fail to live up to The Prophecy! Manage the hands of fate that dictate the way of life for our benevolent Frog-God believers! Focus on spending matching resources to lessen the burden of the Ultimate Prophecy. Perform Rituals to satiate the voracious froghemmoth and bring back splendor to the way of life of the people. P.S. from our limited-time research of the "Nahuatl" language, "Hueyac" means "big; high; long; tall" and "Cuiyatl" means "Frog". Yes, the god's name is literally "Big Frog" and I'll die on a hill with my heart ripped out and sacrificed for his glorious golden radiance if it comes to it.
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Couch Potato
Non-digital game (board game, card game, physical game, sport, etc.)
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Art assets are partially sourced from in conjunction with our own artist's talents and ClipStudio. Cards are cut using a CriCut machine.
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This is a tabletop board game. I've left both a Google Drive and a .7zip archive file below with its rules. Feel free to give it a look or even leave a comment.

We may end up making a Steam Workshop submission for Tabletop Simulator - updates on that in the same Google Drive Folder!

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