Infinity Ring

You are a Wizard in search of the Mighty Orb. You have the ability to craft powerful rings. On your journey you will collect elemental gems that can be combined with rings to create very powerful magic rings that cast spells. - Press Tab to open the ring crafting menu - To craft a ring, drag elemental gems into the "element" and "carrier" slots, place a ring into the "ring" slot and click the orb in the middle to craft it - The element slot defines the overall elemental effect of the spell, and the carrier slot defines the shape. - Enemies have different weaknesses to certain elements depending on their own element. (eg. water > fire) - Find bonfires in each level and spend "spirit" (from killing enemies) to gain levels and raise your stats. You also heal while standing near bonfires. - Explore each level of the dungeon for chests, find the stairs to reach the next level. There are 8 biomes. - You can find better quality rings that result in stronger spells, increasing the damage or duration of the spells. - You can use the keys 1-8 to quickfire spells easily without having to select the ring. - Press Q to drop active ring, to make room for more rings on your hotbar.
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MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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