In the heart of Salem, a small town steeped in history and magic, there stood a magnificent tree. This was no ordinary tree, for it was protected by a powerful witch, one who was rooted to it in body and soul. For generations, the witch’s bloodline had guarded this tree, tending to its every need and ensuring that it remained healthy and strong. The task of keeping the tree alive has been passed down from one generation to the next, each dedicating their lives to its protection. But in 1691, a new threat emerged. A group of townspeople, frightened and ignorant of the tree's true purpose, sought to destroy it and rid the town of its influence. The witch must now defend the tree and honor the legacy of her predecessors by keeping it safe from harm.
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Making memories (Sponsored by dot big bang)
Give your NPCs a brain, or even a heart (Sponsored by Inworld)
Creature Feature
Is This The End?
Mac OS X
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.Net, GitHub, Unity (any product)
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Point & Click