Hearth Mates

Hearth Mates is a puzzle game where you try to trace the family roots of your clients by figuring out the genealogy of their ancestors. You enter the fireplace home of the famous creatures from slavic mythology, the Domaći. These chaotic fireplace sprites come in all shapes and sizes and tend to forget their roots and who their family is. You are the Domaći in charge of figuring out how to connect their roots and bring families back together. A list of potential candidates are on offer at each level and your goal is to test and combine their hereditary features and connect them to your clients features. Keep your mind sharp since all of the features have different rules and figuring them out is the key to connecting the roots.
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MS Windows
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.Net, GitHub, Unity (any product)
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Unpack the zip file and run the exe file. :)


Filip Neduk
Mislav Požek
Toni Steyskal
Fabijan Ljubanović
Pavle "Jarl" Lozinski

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