Become Tree

Branching out into the world of the dirt, in Become Tree, you'll grow roots how you see fit to get the most nutrients you can. With every successful gathering of nutrients, you'll trade them in for not only root upgrades, but above-world tree improvements too. Find out what it takes to be a tree for the forest and grow the best tree you can. Available in your browser ( How to play: Use your MOUSE to direct your roots in any direction you want. LEFT CLICK to confirm and grow the root. Reach for NUTRIENTS like Water, Potassium, and Glucose while idly gathering Sunlight as your tree thrives. When your root is touching a nutrient, it will gather it and add to your total resources, shown on the right of the screen. During the day, your sunlight levels will go up, while you water and all other levels will go down. At night, your sunlight levels will also go down. Keep up with your rapidly reducing nutrients by growing your root quickly and splitting it off in different directions to reach more nutrients. Survive until WINTER to win!
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Old meets new (Sponsored by CrazyGames)
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Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
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Technology Notes: 
Made in Phaser with Typescript.
Installation Instructions: 

No installation is needed, access the game from any computer at



Logan Bussell: Engineering

Eli Goldin: Game Design

Hollis Lehv: Art, Engineering

Brian Ma: Audio, Engineering

Nina Navazio: Writing

Shane Rhoads: Engineering

Jason Thiel: Engineering, Game Design

Other resources:

"Digging v1" by wormletter

"01 Drum Mix JD1 06 - 120 BPM" by IMAGE SOUNDS

"Forest Background Sound" by ALEXANDER

"Bubble bursting, popping" by ianslattery

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Point & Click