Be ready, your turn has come and YOU are the disease ! In a very cute nonsense world where people have more cars than houses and are living on a 100m sized island without any plane or boat, their tragic destiny is : YOU. Yes, YOU. Just in case you didn’t get it, you will have to collect (in a very kind and gentle way, I'm not lying at all) as many living entities as you can in this very island. But don’t wait too long to visit this beautiful place, the clock is ticking and your life depends on theirs... It is them or you. A gangrene is taking over you and if you don’t feed yourself up with human lives, it will kill you. (Well, I guess that when you’re done with this island you will be killed anyway, but who knows ?) You can destroy almost everything so have fun (before death) and find every statue, you will discover these people's weird culture. And who are you to judge them ? Since you are terrifying them, you can enjoy your power while it lasts ! Since it's an arcade game, there is a score, but it’s hidden (we ran out of coffee), so be the best among your friends ! See you on the world record and become the most terrific disease !
Jam year: 
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Over 9,000 Hours
Is This The End?
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Autodesk Maya, GitHub, Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Substance Designer, Photoshop, Paint, Google Sheet, Adobe Color, MixAmo

3D Artist: Tom Bonnot          

VFX Artist: Aline Archidec

Game design & programming: Valentin Denat, Andoni Iturioz

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