FullHerboAlchemist: A Solo Potion Brewing Quest

"FullHerboAlchemist: A Solo Potion Brewing Quest" is a single player game that puts players in the role of a skilled alchemist on a quest to brew powerful potions using a variety of herbs and ingredients. Players must plant and grows herbs, and make potions from them by following many recipes to fulfill orders from people.
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
.Net, GitHub, Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Game Engine: Unity Programming: Visual Studio Language: C# 3D Models: Blender Audio: FLStudio, Reapper
Installation Instructions: 

1. Unzip package

2. Open FullHerboAlchemist.exe

3. Have fun!


How to play:

Your goal is to prepare 4 potions that people ordered. For help, you can see recipes on the screen.

You have 3 kinds of herbs: Nightshade, Mandrake Root, and Dragon’s Blood.

To make a potion, you need to first grow the seeds into herbs. You can do it by placing them on the ground tiles.

They will grow after certain amount of your moves.

Next you have to take grown herbs into Cauldron where you can mix 2 herbs together to make a potion.

When you get the potion, you can move it to the window to fulfill the delivery.

If you grab the wrong item, you can always throw it into firepit.



Dominik Bryda - 3D
Erik Gajewski - Audio
Patryk Gałach - Unity / PM
Vladlen Hudz - Unity
Ivan Karobkin - Unity

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