Fruit Roots

STORY // You (the Orange) has just fell from the tree. You want to return back up the tree. Objective? Traverse back up the tree and return back to your roots... But beware! The tree is very unforgiving and will provide a great challenge to you as you attempt to return back up the tree. // GAMEPLAY: Jump onto platforms and climb up towards the top. Avoid the angled wooden (brown) platforms as they are slippery and try land on the leaves (green and orange) towards the level. Note that this level is very difficult and is punishing towards mistakes so you have been warned! It is not for the impatient. // DEV NOTES: Project is publishable as it maintains core fundamentals such as Menu, Gameplay and End. However, there is more aspects that can be done so stay tunes on our pages for more updates!
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The Great Outdoors
Creature Feature
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
GitHub, Unreal Engine
Installation Instructions: 

1) Download .zip file

2) Click on Unreal Application to play

3) Allow access to your PC

4) Gameplay Controls AD to Move, Space to Jump, Cursor for Menu Inputs


Worked in collaboration with Hao Lin (Hylin) and Ryan Banks (RYAN3079)

All artworks and materials were used in royalty-free images such as: iStockPhoto

Audio is used in royalty-free website known as: FreeSound

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