First Person Rooter

Embark on an epic journey to defend the heart of a dark forest, the great Tree of Life. Its powerful roots hold the key to survival against an army of dark forces threatening to tear it down. With your trusty Root Gun, collect vital fluids from the earth to unleash devastating shots and decimate your enemies. Choose wisely as you upgrade both yourself and the Tree, using its roots to smash your foes and secure its hold on the forest. Will you be able to stand against the tides of darkness and protect the Tree of Life?
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Creature Feature
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
GitHub, Unity (any product)

Sébastien Damiens : Programer

Anthony Vazeille : Programer

Jérémy Boisson : Programer

Nolan Esser : Junior Intern Programer Trainee Assistant in chief

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