Ent Madness

Ent Madness is a tower defense with the capture and extraction of resources. Your task is to fight off waves of spiders and bugs! 1. Capture resource objects to increase their production (mana and water). 2. Build and control your units by moving the rally point(Hammer and Wizard). 3. Build Trees to defend Ent. 4. If it's really hard - use Ent's ability - release the roots from the ground in order to delay the enemies and inflict damage on them! Controls: Camera Movement - [WASD] Gather Units - [G] Ent Ability - [F] Unit placement - [1, 2] Tower placement - [Q, E]
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Slava Ukraini
A Friend In Need
New Friends Along the Way
MS Windows
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Autodesk Maya, GitHub, Unreal Engine
  • Volodymyr Fedorych  - Unreal Engine developer
  • Oleksander Kosenko - 3D artist
  • Max Savchenko  - 3D artist
  • Volodymyr Zarichniuk  - Game Designer
  • Oleksander Baranenko - Sound Engineer 


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