Draining Woods

There is a story about a tree that can give power in exchange for souls, you are a wizard that ventured in search of this tree, however what you didn't know is that the user's life gets linked to it and their abilities get drained in the process by the tree's roots. Defend the tree and your life while defeating hordes of enemies and collect their souls to level up. Each time you level up the tree will offer you a choice of 1 out of 3 random buffs but its roots will also make you choose a debuff. Your life and the tree's are linked together, try to survive as long as possible.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
GitHub, Unreal Engine

Game Design
Andrea Ferrauto
Simone Della Rocca

Tommaso Solustri
Gennaro Barretta
Francesco Massarelli
Samuele Bivona
Andrea Raso
Stella Federici
Christopher Gelmetti
Damiano Albano
Denis Sarto
Flavio Cardaiolo
Leonardo verso

Andrea Decaro
Daniele Martini
Francesco Peruzzi
Alessandro Dottore Stagna
Nino Caracci

Alessandro Martini

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Game Tags: 
Third Person