Descent into Nawia

Descent into Nawia is a 3D puzzle video game inspired by Slavic fairy tales and mythology. The player controls the goddess Kupalnica on her quest to find her missing family and break their curse. The goal of the game is to reach Nawia, the realm of the dead by descending through the realm of the Gods and the realm of the living. In every level a player will be given a quest by fiery elves Domachi and face puzzle challenges in order to complete them, where the puzzle style is similar to sliding block puzzle klotski. To portray Slavic culture and tradition, all characters and interactable objects in the game are taken out of Slavic mythology, folk Slavic music is used and voice acting incorporates some words in Croatian. Besides showing honour to Slavic heritage, the game is an attempt to explore the everlasting themes of the gravity of love and the inevitability of destiny.
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Making memories (Sponsored by dot big bang)
Old meets new (Sponsored by CrazyGames)
A Friend In Need
MS Windows
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GitHub, Unity (any product)
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Blender, Substance Painter, ZBrush, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, Cubase, Komplete 12 Ultimate
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Unzip the files and run .exe


Programming: Marko Pavliško

UI: Petra Rubić

Game & level design: Mehmet Demirci

3D art: Marko Dijan

2D art: Antonija Babić

Music: Lea Novaković

Story: Matija Vigato

Writing: Petra Rubić & Matija Vigato 

Voice acting: Lea Novaković (Narration, Domachi), Matija Vigato (Kupalnica)

Original Descent into Nawia soundtrack can be listened to here:

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