Derelict Dark

Derelict Dark is a turn-based DOOMER SURVIVAL HORROR GAME inspired by Alien Isolation, Dead Space and Signalis *Immersive 8-Degrees-of-Horror Movement System – pilot a bulky spacesuit through the maze-like guts of a mysterious SPACE DERELICT – FIRST TIME EVER (I think, at least in 1st person tiled crawlers..) *Cosmic Horror from Beyond – get chased by a RELENTLESS ABOMINATION of the Meat Root and its MIND SHREDDING PSYHIC MIGHT *HUNT to REPLENISH the EVER-RECEEDING supply of OXYGEN from faulty GAS TANKS through the winding CORRIDORS *EXPLORE to SURVIVE – ARM YOURSELF – FIND THE MYSTERIOUS MEAT TREE AND KILL IT WITH THE CLEANSING PLASMA *EMOTIONAL SUPPORT TEDDY BEAR
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MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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Unzip the files into a location of your choice, and run Dark Derelict.exe (or see instructions in the Source files)


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Anton Tamarin
The Avatar of Woe
Cameron Seebach

Special Thanks to Igor Savin

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