Defend & Nourish

In Defend & Nourish, players take on the role of a seed tasked with growing into a mighty tree. To do this, players must connect the plant man to the main root and nourish him to gain strength. However, players must also defend against the parasitic rhizome, which saps the plant man's strength when it's not connected to the root. Players must use strategic tower defense tactics to protect the seed as it grows. Moving around with the seed is slower, as players must balance their progress with protecting it from danger. One hit is all it takes to destroy the seed, so players must be careful. Nourished zones determine the plant's growth speed, so players must find the right balance of defending and nourishing. The goal is to see how many points players can get. In Defend & Nourish, players must use their wits and strategy to protect their precious seed and grow it into a strong and mighty tree.
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Creature Feature
MS Windows
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Unity (any product)

Star J - Mechanics Chief Implementor & Lead Programmer
Leo the Programmer - Main Programming Support
Cleon Williams - Environment Artist & UX Designer
Jesstopher Cas - UI Design

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