Deep Sprawl

Did you ever had the thought of 'rooting' a certain system? <Deep Sprawl> is a 3D game where you play as a 'rooter' in the virtual space. The final goal of the game is to get the ROOT Permission through hacking the programs and police of the system without being captured by police or running into the firewalls. During this limited 48 hours of developing, our team finished 6 levels in total. In each map of the level, there are either programs or police wandering through the map. To successfully get the ROOT Permission of the system, you must try to handle them ingeniously, swiftly, and of course, in an orderly fashion. As the game progress goes on, the enemies and programs you're facing tends to be mightier, more complicated and intimidating. Whether can we still deeply root in and get the highest system permission still remains unknown... All of our members are undergraduates, one from Nanjing University, one from Anhui University of Technology,and some from the Central Academy of Fine Arts. Our team's name comes from these three universities “蓝莓山”—— 蓝(蓝-南京大学)莓(美-中央美术学院)山(山-马鞍山安徽工业大学)
Jam year: 
Making memories (Sponsored by dot big bang)
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Autodesk 3ds Max, Autodesk Maya, Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Blender; unity3D;Procreate; VS2019; Final CUt Pro
Installation Instructions: 

Cilick 'Root.exe' to start the game,

Windows System Required



张卫帆  Drifting in Water

川井憲次 -傀儡謡_陽炎は黄泉に待たむと

川井憲次 - 傀儡謡_怨恨みて散る

张卫帆  Namo Amitbha

张卫帆  Downward

Radiohead - Treefingers

张卫帆  Drifting in Water

Radiohead - Untitled

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